Oscar to Sicko: The Moore The Merrier


Michael Moore’s Sicko has been nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar—no booing this time—so Harvey Weinstein threw a gala lunch at the Four Seasons, where he and the filmmaker fell over each other with so much mutual mwah-ing they might need more health insurance. But Moore admitted they hit a tiny road bump when he wanted the film to include the fact that “Hillary was the number one recipient of the health care money.” “I tried to cut it out,” Weinstein the diplomat called out from his table. “He made his case,” said Moore, who totally won. Still, the freedom fighter graciously conceded that Hill’s basically a nice lady, remembering, “I wrote a chapter in my first book called ‘My Forbidden Love for Hillary’.” When the crowd went giggly over that, Moore looked puzzled and said, “Why does that keep getting laughs? I’m being sincere.” Yeah, but not enough to endorse the broad–or anyone else; I’ll have more in the column.

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