Taxicab Confession: Sir Lance-a-Lot Resurfaces


photo by Elena Dahl

Don’t set foot in a cab, people! In many of them, the little promo screen will show Lance Bass‘s ex boy toy, Pedro Andrade, telling you which local pubs are worth checking out (though somehow he leaves out Beige, Chi-Chiz, and the Vault.) “He comes off like he’s trying to sound straight,” a friend informs me, having experienced this advertorial assault firsthand. Hmm, if Pedro’s suddenly “straight acting,” I know another pop star who’d probably like him—Clay Aiken! (And I bet Clay would also like Beige, Chi-Chiz, and the Vault.)

Update: On a side note, reliable sources swear Lance is a top! That would make Pedro and Reichen. . . versatile?

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