Our Man Sietsema: ‘Perfect Pap for Invalids’


Oh, snap. Sietsema is not a fan of Peter’s Since 1969, a new spot on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. We stopped in there a few weeks ago with a very hungover friend, and had some shepherd’s’s pie and veggies. We couldn’t say it was anything special, but when we saw that Our Man was reviewing the place, we hoped we’d find out it had improved. But no! Mushy, bland vegetables do not please anyone, except maybe infants. Plus, this is the former site of Peter’s, a Ukrainian butcher shop that Sietsema mourns.

But, if you happen to live nearby, this place isn’t a total waste. Really good rotisserie chicken is important, and Peter’s sounds real good:

The chickens are the best part of the new Peter’s—big, shambling creatures rubbed with herbs and sloughing moist flesh. You won’t need a knife, or even a fork. The price is right, too—one quarter bird plus two sides and “corn bread” is $8.95. A half-chicken is only a dollar more. Peter’s calls them French-rotisserie chickens, but there’s really nothing French about them except the word “rotisserie.”

Peter’s Since 1969
168 Bedford Avenue
(718) 388-2811