Trailer Alert: It’s Me, Musto!


Yes, I’m overexposing myself once again in hopes that someone will notice already. Fresh off the Whore’s Mascara video with my glorious bathroom scene, I now surface in Michael Ferreira‘s short film It’s Me, Matthew!, and this time I have lines! And not just on my face! I play a shrink examining Ferreira’s complex gay psyche with a dry combination of professionalism and nonchalance. I may not have been the first choice for the role seeing as my script referred to the therapist as “she” (and let’s not have any remarks about that, by the way). But the important thing is that, as a human sponge who listens to people’s problems with a blank face all freakin’ day and night, I was surely the BEST choice for the role. The film is aiming to haunt various screenings and festivals. In the meantime, let the trailer invade your complex psyche.

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