Hotshot Promoter Tries To Jazz Up the Nightlife


Chris Ryan is an up-and-coming party thrower who floats around handing out invites and occasionally even a drink ticket! On February 10, he’ll be launching a series of Fusion parties with one at Cielo featuring DJs Larry Tee and James Anderson, along with a dance performance, two electric violinists, and a partridge in my pear vodka. Some questions for Chris:

What will make these Fusion thingies unique?

They introduce what’s been lacking for a while now—ART, simply put. Parties have become too mundane. I’d like to call what we’re doing spectacles. Our events will have a “fusion” of different styles, yet remain cohesive. We plan to integrate dance/fashion/art/music of different genres/cultures. No two parties will be alike and the venues will change. Every guest will be treated with concierge service from our staff.

Ooh, that part I like. Is New York nightlife dead?

No, it’s just on life support.

Like my love life. How does one get a crowd of hot guys together? No, really, tell me!

Having their hot friends promote it is one way. And promise an attractive crowd. I think [Beige/Hiro promoter] Erich Conrad has it down.

Oh, how I crave his mailing list. How has being a promoter affected your social life?

Well, I have a lot less “real” friends, but a ton more fake ones! Ha-ha!

I’m for real, Chris. (pause) Do you have any drink tickets?

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