A Drag Movie About Streisand. Discuss!


It’s time to praise the past! I was famous then. In the ’80s, I even costarred with Holly Woodlawn in a downtown camp version of The Sound of Music. (Well, “costarred” may be stretching it. Holly had the lead, telling the kids “Shut your Von Trapps!” while I played a nun named Sister Sledge and doubled as one of the brats vamping around the Alps with backpacks and Poppers.) Holly, of course, is the ex-Warhol star who has long brought wry glamour to her self appointed role as the new Maria Montez. (Look it up. It was in the past.) And now she stars in an intoxicatingly funny Douglas Sirk-ian campathon called East of the Tar Pits by Gary Legault, which is a veritable paean to gay history courtesy of them that was there. Holly plays a faded diva who longs more than anything to visit Barbra Streisand’s former Malibu home. On the way to the ranch, there are songs, visitations, and some zany fights with a friend played by Mapplethorpe subject Robert Sherman about the old days. (Sherman’s character was too busy having a fitting to make the Stonewall riots. And don’t say, “What were the Stonewall riots?” Look it up!)

By the way, Legault tells me, “Unbelievably, the film was turned down by every major gay film festival.” He’s pitching it to the IFC and if that fails, he might sell it through the web. Someone take it already!