All Kneel for Gay Candidate Jim Neal


In next week’s column, I’ll have a sitdown interview with Jim Neal, the openly gay Democrat running against incumbent Elizabeth Dole for Jesse Helms‘s old Senate seat in North Carolina. Neal wasn’t always openly gay. He was married to a dame (and now has two adult sons as a result) before realizing he had to be a bit truer to his love of males. But he won’t liken his situation to Jim McGreevey‘s. (I tried.) “Being gay is not about who somebody has sex with,” Neal told me, sagely. “It’s an identity that one accepts.” Besides, Neal says he wasn’t living a double life and never had a boyfriend on the payroll! By the way, my interview with Neal was at B Bar, where they have those weekly gay Beige parties on Tuesday. “Never been here before,” he said when he arrived. Pause. “Kidding!”