TABLOIDED: Super Week!


It’s Friday, and Mayor Bloomberg is allowing non-uniformed city employees to be decked out in Giants gear in anticipation of Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up with the New England Patriots (or, as the Post calls them, the *s). The tabs have been wearing Big Blue pride all week, and today is no exception.

What makes this year even more Super is that Super Tuesday—the day when 24 states hold primaries or caucuses—ollows two days after Super Bowl Sunday, our country’s “unofficial” holiday. All this superiority makes for terrific tabloid headlines.

Take today’s Post. We have the majority of page one devoted to the Giants/Pats match-up, including a dig at the Patriots for their attempt to trademark “19-0” and “19-0 The Perfect Season.” The banner headline across pages 4 and 5 call the idea “PAT-ENTLY SMUG & SNOOTY.” The Post manages to find three prognosticators (including a camel) who say the Jints will win, while Las Vegas oddsmaker Tony Sinisi still goes with the Pats. A sidebar lets you know what else you can bet on in Vegas that relates to the Super Bowl. (At press time odds were 2-3 that Tom Petty would perform “Free Falling” during the halftime show).

The News front page has a picture of Michael Strahan rip-roaring to go, and the headline notes the defensive end almost didn’t play this year. The inside coverage includes a stunt by reporter Dorian Block, who walked the streets of Boston wearing an Eli Manning jersey. (Does she get hazard pay for that? She might need it.)

The real news about the Daily News and its sports coverage shows up in today’s Post. Media columnist Keith Kelly reports on a story from that News columnist Lisa Olson quit last week because Mike Lupica allegedly screwed her out of a story on Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes. The crazy twist in this story is that Olson is the former columnist for the Boston Herald who back in 1990 sued the NFL for sexual harassment after New England Patriots players and executives allegedly harassed her in the locker room. And you thought the front page was where all the drama was!

The other big story on both front pages is last night’s Democratic debate in California. The Post goes with a bizarre picture of Clinton and “O” (we thought that “O” usually signified Oprah, but we guess after the Post‘s endorsement, they’re on an initial basis) hugging, shaking hands or maybe just getting ready to backstab each other after the debate. The News features the photo inside.

Post D.C. Bureau Chief Charles Hurt opines that Obama should have been more aggressive in going after Clinton. The News‘ political staff declare Clinton the winner in last night’s showdown. Their front-page treatment of the debate focuses on Obama’s phenomenal fundraising effort in January. The Illinois Senator raked in $32 million—that averages to more that $1 million per day.

Yesterday we predicted that Britney’s meltdown would be all over the papers, and we were partially correct. If this were 5-10 years ago, it would have been page-one fodder for sure. In this day of instant internet updates (just look at, the Britney story ended up being too stale for the lead. What fun is reading about the former pop tart resting quietly in a psych ward? No, instead, we get a rehash of the action-packed extraction of “the package” (the code name the LAPD gave Spears). Our favorite quote from any of these stories had to be in the News‘ coverage of the incident. Brit’s grandfather, June Austin Spears tells the paper that he didn’t want Britney to go to the psych ward because, “Sometimes you come out worse than you come in.” Judging by the photos of Spears that both papers used in their stories, it would take a lot for Britney to look worse than she does now.

Puntastic headline Rising fuel prices lead the Post to exclaim it a “PAIN IN THE GAS.” (rimshot!)

What to avoid on your morning commute: Page 12 of the Daily News has two transportation woe stories. An East Village woman claims a cabbie hit her after she told him she wanted to pay her fare with a credit card. Meanwhile, a bus driver in Queens was allegedly attacked by two passengers, causing the bus to crash.

Do we need to see this again? Page 11 of the Post has that “sexy cop” photo of alleged madame Zelika Brown accompanying its follow-up on the cop sex ring. To use LOLcat speak, “DO NOT WANT!”

$ Watch Only one $ headline today, making this week’s total 12. That wa$ fun!