The Voice Gets Recognized, and ‘Curing’ Homosexuality


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April 3, 1957, Vol. II, No. 23

‘Voice’ Elected to Press Groups

The Village Voice was elected last week to membership in the New York Press Association, and at the same time joined the National Editorial Association.

The 105-year-old NYPA is an organization which includes the major weekly newspapers in New York State. Membership is restricted to newspapers with second-class mailing privileges. This can only be obtained through a sworn statement of circulation made to the U.S. Post Office Department — a privilege confined to papers with paid-for circulation.

The NEA, with offices in Chicago, is a non-profit organization with over 5000 members. It seeks to “unite the efforts of newspapers to promote the best interests and the welfare of the communities in which they are located…and to secure improved standards in the practice and profession of journalism.”

Voice publisher Edwin Fancher expressed his enthusiasm at being associated with the two groups, and stated that he hoped The Voice could help, by working with others, to make a contribution to the vitality of the small newspaper in America.


“In writing this book, I am thinking of the mass of young people — unhappy, bewildered, uninformed, sometimes suicidal — who, because of an appalling unavailability of accurate information, erroneously consider their homosexual difficulties to be their final destiny. I am thinking of the young wives of ‘bisexuals’…I am also thinking of the unhappy parents of young homosexuals…All this can be remedied by information combined with treatment, provided the prospective patient really wants to change.” From the Author’s Forward. Homosexuality: Disease or Way of Life? By Edumund Bergler, MD

In case history after case history, this book shows how today’s half-knowledge and ignorance on the subject of homosexuality is being used to bewilder and seduce a whole new age group. This is no book for the idly curious. It discusses, in clear terms, the causes and treatment of an increasingly serious social problem. $5.00

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