Call 311 to Win Giants Parade Tickets


If you care about the Giants parade and want to know how to score free tickets — from City Hall — for their parade down the Canyon of Heroes, then read on.

From the mayor’s office

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that the City’s 311 Citizen Service Center will be used to give New Yorkers a chance to attend a limited-access City event: tomorrow’s Super Bowl Champions Ceremony on City Hall Plaza, at which the Mayor will give the Key to the City to the Super Bowl XLII Champion New York Giants. New Yorkers who have already called 311 asking about tickets for tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) 11 AM City Hall Plaza event and those who call by 7 PM tonight (Monday) will be entered into a lottery. New Yorkers may request up to four tickets, need only give their name, address, and phone number to be eligible, and will be notified tonight if they win about when and where to pick up tickets.

“When we announced six years ago that 311 would open up the City’s government to the people it works for, a Super Bowl celebration wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, but the beauty of innovative and adaptable tool like 311 is that it lets us serve the public in new ways we never anticipated,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

While the sidewalks lining Tuesday’s tickertape parade up the Canyon of Heroes along Broadway from the Battery to City Hall are open to all members of the public, there is limited space on City Hall plaza for the ceremony with the Giants players and owners. The City will set up three large screens around City Hall Park for members of the public to watch the ceremony. In addition to tickets for Giants friends and family, additional tickets for the 4,200 seats on City Hall Plaza will be distributed to the public by Members of the City Council and other City elected officials, community organizations that work in partnership with the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit in all five boroughs, City and State agencies, municipal unions, and NYC & Co – the City’s tourism arm.

Lottery winners will have to present photo identification to pick up tickets and to enter City Hall Plaza. All guests will have to go through security, and all bags will be examined.