Fun Facts about Sam Lutfi


What exactly is a Sam Lutfi—the guy who’s been demonized as the Howard K. Stern of Britney’s life, supposedly dragging the pop tart into a psycho state while serving as her friend and manager? Well, I did a massive Internet search for you—or actually, I just looked at—and found the following tidbits: He’s had various tax liens and lawsuits brought against him and some lovely restraining orders too; he was rumored to have stolen Britney’s diary in an attempt to peddle it for millions (but he denied there even WAS a diary); he’s known for a raging temper that can lead to very nasty threats and maybe even icky violence; an ex-associate of his claims Lutfi deals in “emotional blackmail and extortion” and at one point told the guy everyone hates him and he should just kill himself; and most damagingly of all, he produced a 48-minute film about dirt biking.

Otherwise, he’s really nice. Sheesh, just learning this shit makes ME want to get out a restraining order. By the way, the funnest fact of all about Mr. Lutfi is that his first name is shortened from Osamah. Any connection?

But wait, stop the Press-on nails, I mean the presses. Britney needn’t worry anymore! As Lutfi is pushed out, all control of her estate and well being has gone to her father! Safety at last! Except he’s a complete nightmare too and Britney’s fighting to get the control back!