Super Tuesday Jams: Obama Anthem Time


Where the Hillary jams at?

And who’s got a linky-link to the “Romney Shuffle?”

Shepard Fairey likes Obama

Extra Golden, “Obama” (MP3)
Barack’s office hooked up visas for the two Kenyan members of Extra Golden—Opiyo Bilongo and Onyango Wuod Omari—so they wrote a gracious ode to their extended benefactor.
Okay track and all, but why they gotta rip off Vampire Weekend’s steez like that? Next thing you know they’ll be releasing a tune called “McCain’s Got a New Face”!, “Yes We Can” (MP3)
Despite’s insistence that he’s “never [been] really big on politics…and actually I’m still not big on politics,” he keeps messing his pants over them. Case you’ve forgotten: Four years ago, Black Eyed Peas played John Kerry’s death knell election night rally in 2004 Copley Square.
I witnessed that Boylston Street horror show and learned one irrefutable thing: should stay the fuck away from Barack Obama. So should ketchup.

Fire Magic Blood, “Obama” (MP3)
Fuck what your mama say, Ima vote Obama way!
Ladies and gents, we have a winner.