Welcome to Super Duper Fat Tuesday


A ticker tape parade for the Giants. Twenty-two states hold presidential primaries. And to top it all off: it’s Fat Tuesday, the last day of Mardi Gras. This is ain’t your ordinary Tuesday, and we’ll try and keep up with the action.

For starters, here’s a real conversation that took place this morning between a registered Democrat and a registered Independent.

Democrat: So, who are you voting for?

Independent: I can’t vote in the primaries in New York. I’m an independent.

Democrat: Oh my God! Really? Do you care? You’re really not voting?

Independent: Yeah, I know. It’s never mattered that much to me. I guess Mark Green versus Freddie Ferrer stung a little.

Democrat: This is the one I’ve waited a lifetime for. This is the one I’ve been registered as a Democrat my whole life for. I can’t wait for this one.