Another Treasure From the YouTube Vaults: “Miss Honey”!


I almost plotzed at the Monday karaoke night over at Chi Chiz, the African American gay bar on Christopher Street, when a zany queen grabbed the mic to sing “Miss Honey” by late drag star Moi Renee as the crowd giddily chanted along. Apparently, the original record—which is basically my aural bible—has become a cult classic among the down-low set! It’s an obscure dance number whereby the drag queen rants and raves to some imperiously absent “Miss Honey,” snapping, “Where is the bitch? She’s got some nerve. Here I am and feeling fieeee-eerce!” The tune is repetitive, droning, and—whoever the fuck Miss Honey is—absolutely genius. And now, a clip of Moi Renee performing it (with two endearingly ragtag backup dancers) on Sybill Bruncheon’s old public access show miraculously turns up among the other broken toys on YouTube. Renee is gorge in her neon-green wig and black bodysuit with very fashionably arranged holes in it. All MY holes come alive for this crazy nightmare of a clip. It’s a tiny piece of gay history that is mystifying yet essential, seeing as the bitch is indeed fieee-eerce. Mwah, Renee!