Village Independent Democrats Stage a Coup


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April 24, 1957, Vol. II, No. 26

Independent Democrats May Challenge DeSapio Leadership in Village

Well-founded rumors that the Village Independent Democrats would try to unseat — and in his own bailiwick — the number-one leader in New York State politics took on substance this week. After a meeting of the executive committee on Monday night, the VID issued a statement declaring that “several prominent Village residents are now being considered as possible candidates for district leader and co-leader.” The leader of the regular-organization Democrats in the Village is Carmine DeSapio, New York’s Secretary of State. Mr. DeSapio is supported by the regular Democratic Club, the Tamawa, which he was instrumental in founding…

Half the Battle

Dear Sir:

I have been receiving your little weekly and am quite pleased with it. Dan Balaban’s interview with Marianne Moore was quite entertaining, and in general, I think his interviews are good. I enjoy “The Village Square” and your theatre section immensely. In short, the features are refreshing, and since they are the steady diet in a newspaper, you have half the battle won before you even gather news. Your art columns I think could stand revision. They need intellect — more artistic know-how and familiarity with theory. Dustin Rice doesn’t always think through his statements, and makes them sound rash or presumptive. More emphasis should be given to the terminology and comparisons of the standard theories, and less to Mr. Rice’s own theories. I certainly mean nothing destructive in these comments.

Lilly Eagle
Hayden, Colorado

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