New York Bands Playing SXSW


photo from SXSW 2006 by me

There was this adorable moment last year on the last night of South by Southwest, when proud Williamsburgers Matt & Kim were playing the backyard rattletrap-gazebo of the amazingly rad dive Ms. Bea’s. Matt was standing up on his stool, looking out at the hundreds of drunk kids swarming around him, and suddenly realized that he recognized nearly everyone in sight. If I remember correctly, he squeaked out something about how it good to see so many familiar faces, how this was the “most Brooklyn-feeling shit I’ve been to in Texas,” and then offered us all a ride back.

So yes, Brooklyn’s gonna empty out for five days next monthto chase after Dolly Parton, but there is something reassuring about encountering New York faces in a foreign place. Matt & Kim are again heading to South by Southwest this year, but there’s a long list of other local folks you might recognize: A Place To Bury Strangers, Asobi Seksu, the Big Sleep, El-P, Earl Greyhound, Jeffrey Lewis, Matt & Kim, MGMT, Eugene Mirman, O’Death, Parts & Labor, Phosphorescent, Ra Ra Riot, Santogold, Scary Mansion, Sightings, Shellshag, Shooting Spires, Team Robespierre, Telepathe, Vampire Weekend, White Rabbits, White Williams, Yeasayer.

Full NY-band list, culled from here, after the jump.

A-Alikes (Brooklyn NY)
Activator (New York NY)
Air Waves (Brooklyn NY)
Akron/Family (Brooklyn NY)
American Babies (Brooklyn NY)
Anamanaguchi (New York NY)
Antietam (New York NY)
A Place To Bury Strangers (Brooklyn NY)
Apsci (Brooklyn NY)
Joseph Arthur (Brooklyn NY)
Asobi Seksu (New York NY)
Maya Azucena (Brooklyn NY)
Band of Thieves (New York NY)
Todd Barry (New York NY)
Bear in Heaven (Brooklyn NY)
Bell (New York NY)
The Big Sleep (Brooklyn NY)
Bing Ji Ling (New York NY)
Bisc1 (Queens NY)
Bit Shifter (Astoria NY)
Blacklist (New York NY)
Blues Control (Brooklyn NY)
A.A. Bondy (Palenville NY)
Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears (Brooklyn NY)
CAMP LO (Bronx NY)
Rufus Cappadocia (New York NY)
Caps & Jones (New York NY)
Care Bears on Fire (Brooklyn NY)
Cassettes Won’t Listen (Brooklyn NY)
Children (Brooklyn NY)
Cobra Krames (Brooklyn NY)
Corn Mo and the .357 Lover (Brooklyn NY)
Cosmo Baker (Brooklyn NY)
Danielia Cotton (New York NY)
Crystal Stilts (Brooklyn NY)
DBR (New York NY)
Mark DeNardo (Brooklyn NY)
DJ Rekha (New York NY)
Donny Hue and the Colors (Brooklyn NY)
Doveman (New York NY)
Dr. Delay (Brooklyn NY)
Dub Trio (Brooklyn NY)
Dynasty Handbag (Brooklyn NY)
Ana Egge (Brooklyn NY)
Eldar (New York NY)
El Michels Affair (Brooklyn NY)
El-P (Brooklyn NY)
The End of the World (Brooklyn NY)
Ali Eskandarian (Brooklyn NY)
Firewater (Brooklyn NY)
Tim Fite (Brooklyn NY)
Foreign Islands (Brooklyn NY)
The Forms (Brooklyn NY)
Freshkills (Brooklyn NY)
The Gang (Brooklyn NY)
Genghis Tron (New York NY)
Earl Greyhound (New York NY)
Haale (New York NY)
Hangar 18 (New York NY)
Harlem Shakes (Brooklyn NY)
Hearts of Darknesses (Brooklyn NY)
HEAVy (Jamaica NY)
The High Class Elite (New York NY)
Jolie Holland (Brooklyn NY)
Home Video (Brooklyn NY)
Hopewell (Brooklyn NY)
Human Giant (New York)
Brendan James (Brooklyn NY)
Jaymay (Brooklyn NY)
Richard Julian (Brooklyn NY)
KaiserCartel (Brooklyn NY)
Kaki King (New York NY)
Matt Keating (New York NY)
Ladyfingers (New York NY)
Dawn Landes (Brooklyn NY)
The Lemonheads (New York NY)
Jeffrey Lewis (New York NY)
Longwave (New York NY)
Samara Lubelski (New York City NY)
Made Out Of Babies (Brooklyn NY)
Matt & Kim (New York NY)
Mary McBride (New York NY)
Men (New York NY)
MGMT (Brooklyn NY)
Ingrid Michaelson (Staten Island NY)
Raul Midon (New York NY)
Chris Mills (Brooklyn NY)
Roger Miret and the Disasters (New York NY)
Eugene Mirman (Brooklyn NY)
Misha (New York NY)
Miz Metro (New York NY)
Moby (New York NY)
My Brightest Diamond (Brooklyn NY)
Nada Surf (Brooklyn NY)
Nullsleep (New York NY)
O’Death (Queens NY)
Ohmega Watts (Brooklyn NY)
Ola Podrida (Brooklyn NY)
Anders Parker (New York NY)
Parts & Labor (Brooklyn NY)
Paul Collins Beat (New York NY)
Peelander-Z (New York NY)
Tristan Perich (New York NY)
Phil and the Osophers (Brooklyn NY)
Phonograph (New York NY)
Phosphorescent (Brooklyn NY)
Pistolera (New York NY)
Power Douglas (Brooklyn NY)
Project Jenny, Project Jan (Brooklyn NY)
Pterodactyl (Brooklyn NY)
Puny Human (New York NY)
Radio 4 (Brooklyn NY)
Rana Santacruz (New York NY)
Ra Ra Riot (Syracuse NY)
Ravens & Chimes (New York NY)
The Raveonettes (New York NY)
The Red Romance (New York NY)
Right on Dynamite (Brooklyn NY)
Pete Robbins & Centric (New York NY)
Anna Rose (New York NY)
Roxy Cottontail (New York NY)
Salt & Samovar (New York NY)
Santogold (Brooklyn NY)
Scary Mansion (Brooklyn NY)
Scavone (New York NY)
Tony Scherr (New York NY)
Christian Scott (New York NY)
Services (New York NY)
Shellshag (Brooklyn NY)
Shooting Spires (Brooklyn NY)
Shy Child (New York NY)
Sightings (Brooklyn NY)
The Silos (New York NY)
Alex Skolnick Trio (Brooklyn NY)
Slow Six (Brooklyn NY)
Soiled Mattress & The Springs (New York NY)
Son Lux (New York NY)
So Percussion (Brooklyn NY)
The Sound of Urchin (New York NY)
Spottiswoode & His Enemies (New York NY)
S-S-S-Spectres (Brooklyn NY)
The Subjects (Brooklyn NY)
Super Chron Flight Brothers (Brooklyn NY)
Swati (New York NY)
Takka Takka (Brooklyn NY)
Tall Firs (Brooklyn NY)
Russell Taylor (New York NY)
Team Robespierre (Brooklyn NY)
The Teenage Prayers (New York NY)
Telepathe (Brooklyn NY)
Luke Temple (Brooklyn NY)
These Are Powers (Brooklyn NY)
Pyeng Threadgill (New York NY)
Tigercity (Brooklyn NY)
Tiny Animals (New York NY)
Tiny Masters of Today (New York NY)
Todosantos (Brooklyn NY)
Tommie Sunshine (Brooklyn NY)
Truth & Soul (Brooklyn NY)
The Upwelling (New York NY)
Vampire Weekend (New York NY)
Via Audio (Brooklyn NY)
The Virgins (New York NY)
Abigail Warchild (Brooklyn NY)
Eddie Whalen (New York NY)
White Rabbits (Brooklyn NY)
White Williams (New York NY)
Heloise Williams (Brooklyn NY)
Tim Williams (Brooklyn NY)
World/Inferno Friendship Society (Brooklyn NY)
The XYZ Affair (Brooklyn NY)
Yeasayer (Brooklyn NY)
Young Lords (New York NY)
Zambri (New York NY)