Stopping Washington Square Roadways


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May 15, 1957, Vol. II, No. 29

Campaign to Close Off ‘Square’

A campaign of major proportions is getting underway this week not only to stop the city from putting more roadways through Washington Square, but to close off the present ones from traffic.

The Washington Square Park Committee, under the leadership of Mrs. Shirley Hayes, is mounting a counterattack aimed at removing “Washington Square Park permanently from the blueprints of the Traffic Department.” The committee insists that the vast majority of Villagers are unified behind their position, and will attempt to prove it within the next three weeks with a postcard campaign directed at the Mayor and the Borough President…

Local Detective Recovers Car — His Own

Detective Frank Scollin of the Charles Street Station did some private sleuthing last week-end and managed to recover a stolen auto — his own — within 24 hours.

The young detective returned to the scene of the crime — Elmhurst — in a borrowed car on Saturday night. Cruising around for several hours, he spotted his 1956 Chevrolet and gave chase. With the speedometer registering up to 80 miles an hour, he managed to nab his prey after a two-mile chase.

Two youths, age 15 and 17, jumped out of the car and ran, but the older one surrendered after a warning shot from Scollin’s revolver. The other was picked up the next day.

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