TABLOIDED: The Grammys


Both papers feature coverage of the Grammy awards on their front pages. The Daily News chooses to give away the major news of Amy Winehouse winning five awards but getting shut out of Album of the Year by Herbie Hancock (?!) on the front, while the Post sticks with the glamour angle. Their front page just features a picture of a smiling, glammed-up Beyoncé and promises coverage of “music’s glitzy, glammy Grammys.”

The coverage is pretty similar inside the papers. Both use two-page spreads, one of which has the colorful montage of performers in their pretty, pretty gowns. The Post has pics of Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus, Fergie, Rhianna and Alicia Keys. The News forgoes the tween-fave Cyrus and American Idol winner Underwood for Beyonc´ and Nelly Furtado but features the other divas. Both papers feature perfunctory wrap-ups of the ceremony, including mention of Kanye West’s tribute to his late mother. At least the Post went ahead and decided to call the ceremony out for what it was: a total snoozefest. Under the rundown of who won is a review of the broadcast by music critic Dan Aquilante.

The Post continues its fascination with mob rat Joseph Vollaro. The paper exclusively reports that Vallaro, who is assumed to be in witness protection, Saturday night stopped by a Staten Island sushi joint that is a mere two doors down from the seafood restaurant his now-estranged wife runs. (This story might be better than anything that aired on The Sopranos: man goes into witness protection, his wife—pregnant with twins—refuses to follow.) This story might be good for Journalism Ethics 101: You know where a federal witness is—do you spill the beans on your front page? It really is a quandary, because it seems downright idiotic for a witness to go to a place where everyone knows him. Should this be reported? Why didn’t Vollaro send his handlers out for his precious sushi? It makes for a great headline, though: “RAT GOES FOR ‘SEE’ FOOD.”

The News‘ follow-up on the mob bust story features the results of the paper’s investigation into what public and private projects the Gambino crime family had involvement in. Missing the scoop on Vollaro’s sushi run, the paper features a small piece on Trisha Vollaro’s restaurant.

The News chose Hillary Clinton’s firing of her campaign manager as its other front-page story. Patty Solis Doyle gets the ax after Obama swept this weekend’s caucuses and primaries. Maggie Williams, Hillary Clinton’s former White House chief of staff, will replace her. The picture of Clinton on the front page makes her look really grumpy. Williams fares worse, however, as the photo of her in what appears to be a “pensive” pose makes it look like she’s squeezing a zit with her chin, which is exactly a good look when you’re thrust into the spotlight.

Obama didn’t just beat Clinton in the primaries. He beat Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter for the Best Spoken Word Album Grammy for his audiobook version of The Audacity of Hope. This tidbit is buried in the bottom of both Grammy wrap-ups, but the News includes a short story about the win in today’s political coverage.

Odds & Ends
EXCLUSIVES Lots of exclusives appeared in both tabs today. The Daily News has a pretty gross one about the different kinds of germs lurking at local gyms. This is such a “February sweeps” story. We would not be surprised if several local broadcast news outlets pick this up. It also appears just in time for everyone to finish breaking their New Year’s resolutions.

The Post reveals that Linda Stein, the former manager of the Ramones, had no traces of marijuana in her body at the time of her death. Stein’s assistant, Natavia Lowery told police that she beat Stein with a yoga stick (yeah, we have no idea what that is, either) after Stein blew marijuana smoke in her face.

The Post also breaks that the police officer who is accused of pimping out a teenage girl had previously been under investigation for his predilection for young prostitutes.

Meanwhile, the papers notes that the Department of Environmental Protection needs to higher private contractors to shut off water to thousands of deadbeats who aren’t paying their bills. Apparently the DEP can’t handle the volume of shut-offs on its own.

Happy Note The News has a cute story by Carrie Melago about Queens triplets who have all been accepted into top-tier city high schools. 13-year-olds Rebecca, Joseph and Daniel Solomon will attend school apart from each other for the first time ever next year.

The Perils of the Paparazzi Rush & Molloy report that several paparazzi have stopped tracking Britney Spears because rival photo agencies have hired members of the Los Angeles gangs the Crips and the Bloods to muscle their way into the throng to get the perfect shot. This is making following the pop trainwreck even more dangerous.