Haute Couture Bearded Lady Andre J Makes It Big!


Andre J is just another fashionista in a full beard and Marilyn Monroe wig. The fabulous oddball (an offshoot of Patriicia Field’s world), he cannonballed into kooky prominence on the cover of Paris Vogue last year as waxed eyebrows raised around the globe. Now he’s all over the place like Day-Glo crabgrass. He’s in the March Out magazine, he’s named as an influential trendsetter in Radar‘s fashon issue, and this Friday, he girl talks with Tyra Banks on her chat show, obviously following in Hillary’s PR trail. And there’s more, you whores. Andre just sent out this message: “Check out this video that I worked on with my friends. IT’S OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! The video is 12 min. I enjoyed myself creating this magic .” I always enjoy watching someone ELSE enjoy himself—it’s the closest I can ever get to some kind of satisfaction—so I’m gonna take a fervent look…