Phallic Fallacies Imploded in Harvey Fierstein’s New “Affair”!


I caught up with theater legend Harvey Fierstein to talk about A Catered Affair, the imminent Broadway musical he wrote the book for, including a juicy part for himself as a sympathetic gay uncle. We met at a party to celebrate the online wedding album to promote the show, which prompted Harvey to crack, “I thought the whole idea of the website is you don’t HAVE to show up. That’s the way my sex life works!” Speaking of
getting virtually screwed, Harvey told me he’s miffed by criticism that there were no unapologetic gays in the 1950s, contrary to what his script presents. “Yeah, nobody sucked cock until 1964,” he told me, rolling his eyeballs. “I’m sure Leonardo was just confused.” To find out which Leonardo he meant, ha ha, and for his full set of comments on this tempestuous topic, check out the next column.

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