Capitol Hill on Steroids: Round 3


Injecting partisanship.

If you ever played baseball, you may remember taunting the opposing pitcher by yelling, “Wienie on the mound! Stick a fork in him! He’s done!”

Don’t yell that at Roger Clemens. He’ll brush you back. And that might be a warning to the Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform panel.

As the discussion this morning zoomed in on whether Clemens had a palpable mass on his butt and, if so, what caused it, the grilling of hot dog Clemens and his antagonist, trainer Brian McNamee, has broken along partisan lines. The Republicans are needling McNamee while the Democrats are roasting Clemens.

Indiana’s Dan Burton, in particular, savaged McNamee and praised Clemens as a “titan.” Burton’s a Republican. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts — a Democrat — grilled Clemens.

Look for Clemens to run for office as a Republican. That much seems clear.