Capitol Hill on Steroids: Round 4


The missing witnesses.

Just when you think there’s no hope for the Republicans, Mark Souder proves you wrong. The Indiana Republican’s high-noon showdown with the witnesses before the House Oversight and Government Reform panel was one of the most intriguing in this tower of babble-on.

Souder lamented that Chuck Knoblauch was stricken from the witness list for today’s hearing. He hinted that Knoblauch’s deposition is explosive. Chair Henry Waxman earlier said the depos will be made “part of the record.” We have to hope that means these depos will be freely available.

Right now, it’s a Mexican-league standoff between Roger Clemens and his erstwhile trainer, Brian McNamee. We know more about Clemens’s glutes than anyone but Andrew Sullivan might care to know.

The joy of seeing Waxman gavel down Clemens’s lawyer Rusty Hardin is great sideshow stuff, but it’s too bad that Waxman dismissed the other witnesses before the hearing even started. That would have been a big part of the main show.

Back to Souder: He grasped the big picture by pointing to a throwaway part of the testimony indicating that baseball’s owners tried to cover up the steroids scandal. That’s certainly true, and here you have Souter, a Republican, standing up for the players’ union and castigating the owners. Remarkable.