Jane Fonda’s Cunning Lingual Slip of the Tongue!


Not since Janet Jackson‘s fake tit popped out of her whore outfit and destroyed a whole generation has there been such a televised outrage! In case you haven’t heard, Jane Fonda ignored all civilized codes of decency on the Today Show this morning and proved herself to be the syphilitic heathen I’ve always known her to be! In discussing The Vagina Monologues with a suitably mortified Meredith Viera, Jane slipped out the vilest, most barbaric emission since she announced that she was Hanoi Jane. She said a word that is so coarsely repellent I can’t even bring myself to repeat it for fear it will corrupt my own millions of impressionable fans and turn them into unpaid sex workers! You see, the J-word said the c-word and this little f-word was absolutely….thrilled, actually! Bless you, Jane! I love the fact that you said cunt on national TV. Let’s hope this becomes cunt-agious and all the other Oscar winners start spouting it too. Come on, Helen Mirren, say it! Say “cunt”! Say “cunt”!!!!!!