Rejoice, East Village Gays! A Site for You!


I hate promoting another site—in fact, I hate promoting ANYTHING—but I have to put a word in for, which revels in all things pertaining to gay males from that particular geographical region of my soul. That means everything from fashion and music to photography and tattooed butt baring. According to the site’s mission statement, it’s fixated on a very special type of penis-wielder—namely those who are “indie, emo, alternative, freaks, fags, geeks, nerds, punks, rockers, skaters, skins.” In other words, all of Gus Van Sant‘s former and future boyfriends.

And these dot commers truly put their money where their pierced mouths are. I saw the guy who does the site two nights ago at his hangout, Eastern Bloc, and it was studded with indies, emos, freaks, fags, etc. (By the way, a special shout out goes to Gabe, Bloc’s comely co-owner, who loomed behind the bar that night, playing with bottle nozzles and dripping decanters. Hubba hubba. Fix me a very private cocktail, Gabey baby.)