GITMO Tapes Uncovered by NJ Law Students


Could the CIA have recorded all 24,000 interrogations that were said to have taken place at Camp Gitmo?

A group of Seton Hall law school students recently uncovered evidence in official military reports that suggests Guantanamo Bay interrogations have been extensively videotaped. Despite the Department of Defense’s protestations to the contrary, Army Lieutenant General Kevin Kiley wrote in a declassified report that nearly all of the interrogations were taped, according to Seton Hall’s latest report on Guantanamo. (scroll down for link)

The tapes, similar to the ones recently revealed as destroyed by the CIA, could provide conclusive visual evidence of the use of torture by US military officials in the War on Terror.

Video evidence of torture could hurt the Bush administration by delaying the recently announced military trials of 9/11 suspects, the timing of which have been called into question as politically motivated.

Considering the near absurdity of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession coerced with the use of waterboarding, evidence of abuse could further discredit the military commission judicial process at Guantanamo Bay.