TABLOIDED: David Tarloff’s Adult Diapers


The question: Does using adults diapers during the commission of a crime make one insane? The answer: Depends.

So that’s what the adults diapers were for! Many of the news accounts about David Tarloff, who is accused of butchering Kathryn Faughey in her Upper East Side office last week, focused on the adults diapers he had left in a suitcase at the scene. Beside it being just strange, people seemed to fixate on the diapers because of the Lisa Marie Nowak case. She’s the NASA astronaut who packed her own set of diapers for a cross-country trip to allegedly eliminate part of a love triangle involving a fellow astronaut. Were these two diaper crimes parts of an emerging trend?

But according to today’s Post, the Manhattan DA is already looking to poke some holes in Tarloff’s presumed insanity defense by pointing to signs of premeditation in the slaying. According to the DA, Tarloff bought the women’s clothing he had packed in a suitcase because he planned on springing his mother from a Queens nursing home after he robbed Dr. Kent Shinbach.

The Post only mentions the women’s clothes but it may explain why he had the adults diapers too. It’s not a case of infantilism, but part of his weird Bonnie and Clyde delusion of fleeing with his mama. That could be one explanation.

The News takes a different approach to the Tarloff story with columnist Michael Daly advocating for forcibly locking up people like Tarloff. He notes the case of Lee Coleman, who stabbed a woman on Second Avenue in October. He suggests that the public-health-minded Mayor Bloomberg ought to tackle the issue: “We have had two psycho slashings in five months. He ought to get started this morning.”

The News also has a piece about state Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) who is calling on the mayor and the planning commission to change zoning laws so that patients with a history of violence should be treated at hospital or clinics. Adams has to admit in the story that his proposed legislation probably wouldn’t have helped Faughey since Tarloff did not have an appointment with her and wasn’t even her patient.

So is Adam’s legislation a good idea or a tad reactionary? Later on that same story, Tarloff’s brother, Robert, says how hard it’s been for the family to keep Tarloff in mental health facilities. That’s kinda along the lines of the sentiment in Daly’s column. Thorny issue but it might make sense to tackle the hospitalization questions instead of some zoning changes.

Looking quickly at the covers of both local tabs on Tuesday, you would be forgiven if you mistook a grief-stricken Andy Pettitte for Tarloff. Not to suggest a resemblance at all, but if you looked real quick it might happen. The News plays the cover a bit straight with “SORRY Y’ALL,” while the Post plays up the personal betrayal between him and Roger Clemens with “ROGER AND OUT.” The subhead reads “Andy bares ‘roid rift with Clemens.”

In the neighborhoods section of the News, Denis Hamill takes a crack at Pettitte under the headline “Pettitte has never been a class act.” Hamill recalled a column he wrote in 1995 about how Pettitte, then a rookie, snubbed a young tyke looking for an autograph at the stadium. Pettitte made the lad cry that day and his father, Alan Garvey, a retired NYPD detective said the pitcher’s whole life is a lie. “This is a guy who is supposed to be a big Holy Roller,” said the elder Garvey of Yankee who appears on the Power for Living religious infomercials. “Holy crap is more like it.”

It pays to sign those autographs.

EXCLUSIVES: The Post has a great exclusive about some bungling at the Brooklyn DA’s office. It seems that a techie in the office inadvertently taped over a statement made by Robert Ellis, the man charged with fatally shooting NYPD Officer Russel Timoshenko after a traffic stop in Brooklyn. A spokesman for Charles Hynes says they still have a separate videotaped confession and handwritten notes about the destroyed statement and that the case should be fine. Ellis’ lawyer thought otherwise.

HEADLINES: The Post has a slew of wacky puntastic headlines today:

“Wary-Kate Olsen” – Mary-Kate Olsen returns to NYC
“He’s the African Bush-man” – Dubya in Africa
“True Blue is Purple” – McCain is popular in NY polls
“The Long and Grinding Road” – The McCartney divorce
“‘Fire Hose’ exposed: cops” – A member of the FDNY was charged indecent exposure after flashing a vacationing family in a midtown hotel. He was drunk.