Mo’ Better Blind Items!


My current column of salacious blind items is causing such an international sensation that people who can’t figure out the answers are leaping off tall buildings without even having done their hair. Well, I’m loving the ego boost, so I’ve drummed up a handful of other blindies—ones not in the column—to add to your unrelieved mental torment:

Which aged TV-theater diva has apparently gone lesbo? Which Best Actress nominee is rumored to be one too? What actor/rocker calls his dick Lucifer and more importantly is a big wee-wee himself? Which hot female singer’s facial surgery photographs so weirdly that sometimes entire photo shoots come up empty? What 19-year-old TV star is an attitudey c-word? Where’s the next open bar? And finally, is it true that BoysRoom already expired at its new location, Rapture Cafe, and that the cafe itself might be struggling to stay alive? Please say nooooo!