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The Huffington Post Interviews Me! About Screwing Up! | Village Voice


The Huffington Post Interviews Me! About Screwing Up!


Turning my fuckups into writeups has become my favorite accidental high, and the Huffington Post is the latest venue to deal me a fix. That site’s Seema Kalia just interviewed me for her regular column, “My Favorite Mistake,” in which various notables and eccentrics reveal the big boo-boo that threatened to destroy their lives, but which they somehow emerged from all chastened and wiser. Mine was a career messup way back in the ’80s, when a chance for me to become even more rich and famous was sabotaged by a horribly conficted little person named Michael Musto. I ended up being mad at him, mad at them, mad at the world, and mad at the dirt, but fortunately a few decades later, I’ve managed to get some press out of the whole thing. Don’t make the mistake of not clicking on the interview.

The Huffington Post: “My Favorite Mistake: Michael Musto On How Cross-Dressing Cost Him An Ad Campaign

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