I Was Madonna for a Day and Almost Got Arrested!


The news that some wack-job thought a photo he had was a rare shot of Marilyn Monroe hitchhiking nude, only to find out it’s really that famous Madonna image from her Sex book reminds me of my own hot and sexy Madge moment. Way back in the ’90s, right after that boobalicious book came out, I stood on a New Jersey street, completely naked except for a blond wig, fuck-me pumps, a cig, and a handbag, to simulate the now immortal hitchhiker pose. As photog Catherine McGann shot me—quickly—I almost froze my tucked nuts and prayed this bit of public humiliation would end soon so I could get back into male drag and enjoy the rewards of my momentary lapse of sanity. We were temporarily delayed when two cops pulled up to chastise me for this obscene display, but they relented the second we gave them a free peek at our copy of the Sex book! (It had sold out and was virtually impossible for mere mortals to get at this point.) And now, from the vaults of shamelessness, here is the raunchy result that ran in the very pages of the Voice as a testament to my balls and the way I can hide them. Maybe someone will buy it, thinking it’s Marilyn?