Fuck a Blog: Once Wins an Oscar


Way to go, Glen.

It’s an imperfect analogy to say that Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová snagging last night’s Best Song Oscar was as thrilling and triumphant as Herbie Hancock stealing the Album of the Year Grammy was appalling, but “Falling Slowly” getting the nod was some heartwarming shit nonetheless, not quite as sublimely surreal as the Three 6 Mafia’s win, but a splendid reminder that you can root for the underdog and still be tremendously leery of Juno. They’re the official Cute Oscar Story this year, botched acceptance speech and all, and I couldn’t be happier. For longtime fans of Glen’s day job as frontman for folksy Irish arena-rockers the Frames (see “What Happens When the Heart Just Stops”), it’s a trip to watch this by all appearances pretty sweet dude win the lottery: taking home an Oscar for a song he cowrote (from the critically adored DIY flick he starred in) with the costar Czech girlfriend who’s half his age. This could be you, folks.

We’ll assume that the aforementioned relentless critical adoration has brought you to Once’s doorstep by now; if not, allow me to reiterate that it’s very quietly wonderful, and that “Falling (not “Following,” bleagh) Slowly” is not the best song in it. Ladies and gentlemen, “When Your Mind’s Made Up.” The following is a clip straight from the movie—the bored soundguy’s Hey These Guys Are Pretty Good awakening is pretty cheesy, yes, but if you found “Slowly” a bit feeble and twee, here’s the same style but with a gripping bit of snarl added. The big, booming, wordless climax here is the best 30-second span of music released in 2007; how splendid to have this juggernaut institutionally acknowledged. Ain’t no point tryin’ to stop it.