Gay Nightlife Update. . .


Promoter Josh Wood has launched Sundays at the Cuban-flavored (and formerly hepatitis-tinged) Socialista, where gym gays stand around and ogle each other’s pecs in the semi darkness. Drew Zailen and Akash Abraham have started Thursdays at Ultra, where some outer borough queens plus one big guy in a zebra print jacket flit around trying to uplift themselves through boozing and cruising. Butch Cordora is coming in from Philly to do “Bluffin’ with Butch” poker events Wednesdays at Splash, starting March 5. (No, they’re not strip poker events—not yet, anyway.) And the sleek club Touch is launching Solarium Tuesdays that hope to bring the gays back to the Broadway district. As if Xanadu didn’t already do that!