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If you get a kick out of the Amateur Female Jello Wrestling competitions at Arlene’s Grocery, you’re gonna love creator Dana Sterling’s newest game, Gong Show $100 Cash Prize, which she likes to describe as “a raunchy, fearless, so-good-you’ll-crap-your-pants variety show.” Too young to remember the original, Chuck Barris’s masterpiece 1970s talent show? Just think America’s Got Talent, but with better, more cynical judges and losers being gonged off the stage. In Sterling’s game, however, it’s the audience that determines who gets the cash. Expect to hear horrible singer/songwriter wannabes warbling off-key, and a dude whose specialty is Hook-Up Karaoke, as well as a sexy boy-lesque act who gets everyone (including the audience) sticky with whipped cream.

Sun., March 2, 7 p.m., 2008

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