Monkey Town’s unique four-screen movie-house-and-dining-room setup is going to tested (in a good way) with a performance by musical artist Krts (a/k/a Kurtis Hairston). “People can expect the visual media and sound as a sensory overload, live!” he tells us. And even better, the evening will show Knox Harrington’s ’zine-turned-film, Day in the Lyfe, the Movie, a documentary about today’s craziest “How do they do that?” graffiti artists. After the sneak preview, Krts, using a blend of hip-hop electronica à la Radiohead and Sonic Youth, will get the musical thing going by laying down a soundtrack to Knox’s VJ retro clips (such as The Wiz and Logan’s Run).

Sat., March 1, 9:30 p.m., 2008

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