Product Alert: Scent of a Warhol


“My favorite smell is the first smell of spring in New York,” Andy Warhol supposedly once said in a rare moment of cheap sentiment. Well, as he continues to push up daisies, the visionary artist is amazingly coming out with floral scents from the great beyond. And the scents should make dollars. Andy Warhol Union Square, the second in Bond’s Warhol series, is launching in March—for that first smell of ca-ching in spring—and the Warhol Foundation not only approves, they collaborated on it! According to the press release, “It’s a big, fresh, seductive green floral with equally major inspiration: Warhol’s Flowers silkscreens and Union Square itself, the second location of Warhol’s Factory (and the place where he created his Flowers).” To me, Union Square actually represents fruit—not the people that live there, but the apples they sell at the farmer’s market on Wednesdays and Saturdays—but I love me an arty perfume any day, so my nostrils are flaringly open for these fried green flowers from the attic. As Andy himself would more typically say, “Wow.”