World Prepares to End as Clay Aiken Gets Raves!


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Clay Aiken soils himself in Spamalot—but he’s supposed to! And Newsday’s Linda Winer swears the American Idol loser is absolutely “charming” in the outrageously sardonic show. Clay plays Sir Robin (formerly played by OPENLY gay actor David Hyde-Pierce) and Winer writes that he does it with an “aging cherub face” and “a childlike skip.” What’s more, the aging, skipping k.d. lang lookalike “blends into the sophomore adorableness of the show, even toying with his own girlish charisma at a piano topped with a Liberace candelabra.” “Girlish charisma?” I’m guessing that won’t be put in the ads. Still, congrats, Clay, honey. You’re the new Fantasia. I may not be eating crow, but at the very least I’ll eat some Spam—and maybe I’ll even stop telling your irrepressible fans, the Claymates, to eat shit.