Gay TV Czar Loses Court Case and Has to Eat Shit!


QTV was a struggling L.A.-based gay channel that fizzled in ’06 while owing tons of people (myself included) a lot of gay dollars. So it was gratifying yesterday when I got word that Frank Olsen, the “fat fuck” and President/CEO who apparently helped run QTV into the ground, lost a court judgement saying he needs to shell out $2.2 million bucks including penalties for all those stiffed salaries. Of all the bittersweet hallellujahs being mass-e-mailed back and forth as a result of the decision, this one’s the juiciest:

“My name is Steven Grunberg. I am the poor schmuck that created Q Television for Olsen back in 2004. I put it all together, programmed it, scheduled it…I got knifed in the back in 2005 and was thrown out of my network. Olsen owes me thousands of dollars. Although I am not part of your victory, I want to make sure you fuck Olsen in every possible way. He belongs in jail. He is a thief, liar, swindler, embezzler, and has destroyed many lives including my own. . .I live in Cathedral City about 5 miles away from Olsen and I am surrounded here by his cronies and bastards that have done me wrong. Olsen almost killed me and has damaged my health beyond recovery. I was his favorite whipping boy because he could never take credit for creating Q Television. Bitter? Hell yes! If there is anything I can do, please let me know. Congratulations! –Steven”

Yes, Steven, there IS one thing you can do: Get me my $2500!