The Oscars Cut the Gay Stuff! But Now it’s Back!


It was a lovely moment on the Oscars—a/k/a the Gay Super Bowl—when No Country for Old Men producer Scott Rudin thanked his lover John Barlow (from the Broadway p.r. company Barlow Hartman) and referred to him as “honey.” Well, honey, in the official transcript of the speech, that part was mysteriously left out! They didn’t even make Rudin straight—they turned him into some kind of bizarre neuter without any human feeling (which they’d already tried to do by not cutting to a reaction shot of a beaming Barlow)! Well, thanks to some prodding by goodasyou.org, the axed comments were restored to the transcript, and we can all sleep much easier now. Of course we’ll never know if the omission was done out of ignorance, hatred, ineptitude, or (let’s be generous) a broken keyboard.

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