Ellen Page Lesbian Sketch: What Does it Mean?


I just figured out why, when Ellen Page‘s publicist Kelly Bush called me last week, the number on the Caller ID looked like NBC’s. It’s because it WAS NBC’s. Bush was obviously calling from the set of Saturday Night Live, where Page was rehearsing for her hosting gig two nights ago. And though Bush had called to say it was SHE who accompanied Page to the Oscars and that’s not an uncommon practice—i.e., don’t assume that means anything about her client—Page did a sketch on SNL that had viewers instantly emailing each other with, “Did she just come out?” Well, I saw it and. . . of course she didn’t. It’s comedy! The sketch—in which Page’s character tries to explain to boyfriend Andy Samberg that having become all orgiastic at a lesbo concert doesn’t mean she’s a lesbo herself (“Gay? No way!”)—shows she’s in on the talk and can have fun playing around with it. Just because she’s playing a closet case doesn’t necessarily mean she IS one. By the way, according to at least one website, my blog “seemed to be the impetus” for the sketch. But don’t assume that makes ME gay.