Greenwald: Howard Kurtz is a ‘Right-Wing Blogger’


Salon’s Glenn Greenwald let his true feelings about Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post‘s media critic, be known today in a blistering post that begins: “CNN and Washington Post “media critic” Howard Kurtz—who is a right-wing blogger disguised as a journalist—has been beating the same drum for weeks and weeks now: the press hasn’t been passing along right-wing attacks on Barack Obama with the viciousness and zeal that generally typifies press behavior.”

Greenwald says Kurtz’s latest column is a call for the mainstream press to begin chatting up every right-wing gutter attack whispered about Obama the way they did for the Clintons:

Now, when the Howard Kurtzs of the world start talking about how they have to subject Obama to “scrutiny,” too, they don’t mean that they’re going to re-evaluate the trashy, vapid coverage they applied to Clinton and start examining his record, his positions, his views, etc. What they mean is that they’re going to do now to Obama exactly what they did to Clinton: namely, take every right-wing gutter attack — Obama is a Communist Radical Terrorist-sympethizing, American-hating cokehead — and start chatting them up, asking Obama about them, inserting them prominently into the news narrative.