iVoice: Nellie MacKay’s New Record, the IM Chat


ANOTHER SOUND OF THE CITY CHAT ROOM EXCLUSIVE! We have no idea how these dudes do this, but iVoice correspondent Brandon Stroud hacked into an IM conversation between Nellie MacKay and her producer and sent us a screenshot! OMMFG! FIIIRST LOOK!

  McKayver: For my next release I have narrowed down the song choices from 100,000 to an even 240.
  McKayver: If we put ten songs on each disc we can release it in two boxed set volumes of 12 discs each.
  McKayver: The cover of volume 1 is me giving you the finger with the title “Norah Jones Can Eat Shit.”
  RecordProducer: we can’t do that
  McKayver: We can market it toward young people who like jazz music but think it needs more cursing.
  RecordProducer: we’re making one album with a super thin cardboard cover and you only get ten songs
  RecordProducer: let’s have them, your ten best
  McKayver: all right, track one is a ragtime composition where I stop in the middle to battle rap Frank French
  McKayver: track two is called BEER ME O LORD and I play the Flamenco Guitar with my elbows and it kinda sounds like shit, but that’s what I’m going for
  McKayver: then for track three we change gears completely with chamber music~!
  McKayver: then some light instrumental jazz where I sign in portuguese
  McKayver: are you liking this

the back of the album is going to be a candid photo of me hugging a pigeon

  RecordProducer: sigh

what’s the last song on the album

  McKayver: it’s a really straight-forward, beautifully performed, catchy song where my influences shine and I really come into my own.
  RecordProducer: whoa, really? sweet
  McKayver: and in the chorus we have, say, babies screaming
  RecordProducer: no
  McKayver: gunshots, old people screaming, blood splatter
  RecordProducer: no
  McKayver: chainsaws, howling dogs
  RecordProducer: no
  McKayver: zombie noises
  RecordProducer: no

sigh, okay, zombie noises

  McKayver: excellent! a really straight-forward, beautifully performed, catchy song with zombie noises!
  McKayver: /plays piano like psychopath

/does not blink



RecordProducer: we’re going to be poor and weird forever
  McKayver: but you love me right
  RecordProducer: more than anything in the world


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