Madonna’s Leaking Again—and the World Responds


Madonna‘s upcoming single, “4 Minutes,” somehow got leaked to French radio, and the kids on the bitchy site datalounge.com have found the link and taken a listen so they can weigh in on the Material Girl’s newest material. Among the choicer comments there: “Funny how Madonna’s latest singles always happen to get ‘leaked’.”; “It reminds me of another Madonna and former Mouseketeer song, ‘Me Against The Music’.”; “Why oh why won’t she go away? She’s worse than Cher”; “LOVE IT!!!”; “It’s a vast improvement over the electronic bullshit she normally does”; “A theme song in search of a TV show”; “At least her voice is so badly distorted you can barely recognize it”; “This wall of overproduced sound is not pop music, but rather some kind of environmental background noise.”; and, most poignantly, “Garbage!” Hey, sounds like a hit!