Free B-52s Song!


Whenever I see the word “free,” I generally grab whatever it is so quickly that I hardly think about sharing the goods with any other living being. In fact, I hardly think about ANYTHING but grabbing, grabbing, and grabbing some more till my claws bleed. But this time, I’ve decided to build some character and spread the lovin’ around a little. See, our favorite party band the B-52s have an album coming out called Funplex—their first such thing in 16 years—and they’re serving up a brand new song from it just for me and my readers (and the other millions of people who they sent it to). According to an official mass email, “You can download it by right-clicking on a PC or using control and clicking on a Mac.” Or you can go out and buy it, I guess—but then I’d lose all respect for you. Enjoy!