Precisely styled garage-rock combos The Hives and The Donnas—the first from Sweden, the second from California—don’t command the mainstream market share they once did. (Then again, neither do the Strokes, and they had one of their T-shirts featured throughout most of Transformers.) On last fall’s The Black and White Album, the Hives responded to the threat of imminent irrelevance by souping up their sound with beats from Pharrell Williams, among other sonic sweeteners; the result, for better or for worse, sounded very much like a Hives album. The Donnas’ strategy on last year’s so-so Bitchin’ was less complicated: They put a big leather-pants-wrapped butt on the CD’s cover. (You know what they say about desperate times.) That said, the Hives and the Donnas remain two of rock’s most dependably energetic live acts. Get ’em to play their old stuff tonight and you’ll go home happy—and sweaty.

Fri., March 7, 8 p.m., 2008