Photos: Genghis Tron @ Market Hotel [03.01.08]


photo by Rebecca Smeyne

Quick Genghis Tron primer from the black-and-white Voice by Phil Freeman: “The first time I read the name ‘Genghis Tron,’ probably on some website, I laughed out loud. It’s a pretty awesome name, and it helps separate them from the metal hordes—which is a good thing. Despite being on Relapse (after some early EPs and a full-length on Crucial Blast), they’re not a metal band, though crunching guitars and grindcore-ish screamed vocals are elements of their sound. The dominant elements, though, are synths and programmed drums.”

On Saturday, Genghis Tron headlined the Market Hotel, which did not get shut down by the cops.

More of Rebecca Smeyne’s photos below. . .