Winona Ryder Insists on Showing Her Puppies!


The ever adorable Winona Ryder stole on the set of the upcoming Sex and Death 101—everyone’s hearts, that is! Through nudity! (Awww.) According to writer/director Daniel Waters, “Even I was a little shocked when Winona insisted on rehearsing her love scene topless. Who was I to protest?. . .Winona was classically undisturbed, making Mrs Roper-like cracks about how she hadn’t been on a date for 11 months. Laughing at the wit of a beautiful, charming, and unclothed actress while maintaining eye contact is something they don’t teach you at Project Greenlight. I thought I was going to have to pass out neck braces to the crew.” A straight crew? What kind of a sick movie IS this? In any case, someone should BUY Winona something to wear already! At Marc Jacobs!