Hillary and Barack Have Been Shot! For Photographs and Art Works!


I love me a good exploitive title that’s designed “to prompt and encourage debates and dialogue,” but which is mainly designed to get press. (At least I’m not pretending I’m on the cover of this week’s Voice as a nude Lindsay Lohan for any other reason than to whorishly grab at some attention—and baby, it’s working.) But the truth is, artist Yazmany Arboleda’s shows, “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton” and “The Assassination of Barack Obama” seem to have some very interesting work in them, dabbling in all the biases and preconceptions about the first serious female and African American Prez campaigners. Both shows “explore the figurative but highly effective attempts by the American populace to assassinate the reputations” of these two Presidential wannabes. More to the point might be the way they’ve been trying to assassinate each OTHER, but in the meantime, you can see these shows at Leah Keller Gallery (576 West 24th Street) and Naomi Gates Gallery (594 West 22nd Street), but only by appointment. And please check all bags.