Recruitment at the Center of the World, Protest, Surveillance


There are 255 surveillance cameras in Community Board 5 area, the district that includes Times Square, according to the New York City Surveillance Camera Project. Police are searching for a suspect described as male in a gray sweatshirt who fled on a bicycle. Each red dot in the above map represents a surveillance camera. There are quite a few cameras where Broadway crosses 42nd Street.

The recruitment center in Times Square has long been a theater for protest and power alike, and today’s bomb-blast adds one more chapter to a site that has been a focus for groups like ACT-UP, RNC protests and Grandmothers against the war.

In 1999, the military recognized the need for a re-vamp of the station to compete with the razzle-dazzle Disneyfication of Times Square in the wake of the area’s overhaul in the 90s.

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