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Theater Tidbits for Show Queens


First of all, they’ve changed the ending of Gypsy! After all these years! The very ending! Arthur Laurents has tampered with his own script in a subtle but crucial way that the kids over on the Broadway boards are frantically buzzing about! If you want a giant spoiler about how it’s changed, please go THERE, so I can sleep easier tonight. Or just go see the damned show…Over at Secrets of a Soccer Mom, they’re not changing the ending, but before the performances even start, they do serve free champagne to the audience–and hey, they’re sort of looooovin’ the show. . .Another bit of bubbly will come in June, when Joey Arias, the performance star who just came back from Vegas, is teaming with puppeteer Basil Twist for something at Here called Arias With a Twist. Maybe for the ending, Patti LuPone can. . .no, I’m not giving out spoilers, even for a joke.