Is a Brooklyn-Queens-Bronx Train Line Pie in the Tri-Borough?


Image: Mike Frumin

MTA Executive Director Elliott Sander raised the possibility of a tri-borough subway line running from Brooklyn to Queens to the Bronx during the first “State of the MTA” address.

The idea sounds ambitious, particularly considering the agency’s inability to run even a single-borough line down Second Avenue. However, that pie in the sky might not be so out of reach. Since the address, local blogs gave the idea a once over (which was originally proposed by the Regional Plan Association), and things might not be so desperate.

Second Avenue Sagas blogger Benjamin Kabak was surprisingly sanguine—the route could work with the under-utilized tracks of the Bay Ridge freight lines and might use less-perilous elevated tracks through most of its route.

Original planner Mike Frumin has some eye popping graphics of the line and its ridership—its path intersects with lines that have the fastest growing ridership in the city, which could be a vote in its favor. Other city-transit blogs looked over the plans and liked what they saw.

An intriguing long shot perhaps, but this looks like a proposal that might not be going away so soon.