I’m Not Jack Kerouac’s ‘Uptown Chick’


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September 25, 1957, Vol. II, No. 48

Mixed Feelings

Dear Sir:

I read Jerry Tallmer’s interview with Jack Kerouac [Voice, September 18] with a good deal of amusement. Kerouac’s remarks about the “Night Beat” interview were most interesting. He referred to “a little girl there, sitting by you, while you wait to go on TV…just to keep you happy. One of those cute little uptown chicks.”

I don’t know whether to feel flattered or insulted! I’ve lived in the Village for several years and have mixed feelings about being called “uptown.” And as for sitting there just to keep him happy — well, it’s a pleasant thought, but unfortunately that’s not my main function.

He was a good guest, and although he told you he had a terrifying half-hour with us, I got the impression (based on having witnessed almost all of our nearly 400 interviews) that he had quite a good time.

Marlene Sanders
Morton Street
Associate Producer
“Night Beat”

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